AN ALL ITALIAN PRODUCTION - Innovation and tradition connected by the thread of Italian quality

slide_01.jpgUsually when we think of Made in Italy we often talk about the famous "three F", food, fashion and furniture.
In fact, in recent decades, the Italian industry in the metal-mechanical sector has increasingly taken hold in the world market.
Its prestige has been recognized all over the world to the point that, in 1999, the Institute for the protection of producers has certified, recognized and deposited the "Made in Italy" brand also for our sector, transforming the famous "three F "in the" four A ":

Abbigliamento (clothing and personal goods),
Arredamento (furniture and household items),
Automotive (including mechanics)
Agroalimentare (agribusiness).

The prestige of the Italian industry is due to a series of excellent products to which they are recognized: a high quality level of the materials used, precision in production, innovation, attention to detail, ingeniousness of the solutions adopted, ability to last over time.
All Made in Italy products, regardless of the sector they belong to, are generally united by a mix of elements that determine their success and international recognition. slide_04.jpg

As regards our sector, the Italian production of machine tools and components for machine tools, since the 1980s, has been characterized by the peculiarity of its production offer and, above all, by the high quality of its products.
Thanks to an extraordinary ability to interpret the specific needs of users, it has gradually gained worldwide hegemony in the most demanding market niches.
Its presence was crucial to determine the great success of Made in Italy at an international level and, in general, for the development of the production structure of our country.