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    Treated with specific anti-rust that guarantees long durability over time.

  • Serinex Clamping Nuts


    Standard, mini, hexagonal, ball bearings and various other types.

  • Serinex Toolholders


    Different types of spindles that adapt to any need.

  • Collets Serinex


    A wide range of clamping collets for all types of tools.

  • Serinex Accessories


    All accessories are guaranteed by the Serinex quality standard.

LOGO FIERA BELGIO.JPG: passion for work


SERINEX since 1989 produces elastic collets, pull studs, nuts, toolholders and accessories for machine tools, with the professionalism and precision that has allowed us to become recognized market leaders.

30 YEARS of competence and passion have led our employees to develop new product lines, starting from elastic collets of all types, to toolholders for machine tools, pull studs for CNC machines, clamping nuts and accessories for machine tools.

This is the secret of our success. Passion, as well as a decisive dose of motivation and ambition, shared by all Serinex components. In all business sectors, in all functions, at all levels.

We love our job and inspire each other to grow together and take on new challenges.